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“LEAP has a focus on holistic wellness for both the people we support and our valued employees.  We believe that morale mood and perspectives can be positively affected by participation and engagement in a variety of activities, including those designed to make you laugh. To that end we were happy to connect with Teachers Lounge Mafia in an evening of improv.  The group who participated benefited in a number of ways, and the feedback was universally positive. We would recommend this troupe for any entity for wellness or teambuilding purposes.”

Darryl Wood, Executive Director of LEAP Inc.

“Night of amazing fun!  As State President for the Fraternal Order of Eagles, we hired TLM to entertain at our charity dinner for my special project, Camp Sunshine.   We had people from all of Maine in attendance at I was very pleased at how professional this group was in booking then staying in touch until the night of the dinner.  I myself LOVE this group, but was unsure how others would take them as we normally have music  for such events. I am very PLEASED to say that we had nothing but great comments on the entertainment.  They thought the group was very good and the interaction was amazing!  Keep up the great work TLM.  Love you all and thank you for making my charity banquet a HUGE SUCCESS! ”

Stefanie Wilson, State President of the Faternal Order of Eagles

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