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With over ten years experience directing and performing improv, one would think Dan Ryder would be much better at his craft.  And much, much funnier.


Fortunately he has learned to surround himself with exceptionally talented friends, performers, students and colleagues over the years.  


He spends his weekdays, most evenings, and some of the weekend teaching English to the fine people of Mt. Blue Campus in Farmington.


In all seriousness, Dan has studied at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA, Upright Citizens Brigade NYC, and with Camprov in NH.  Each year, he helps organize the Portland Improv Festival.  He has written, directed, and performed numerous stage and improvised productions. He teaches improvisation and acting for students of all ages and delivers workshops on applying the principles of improv to success in all endeavors.


His ridiculously attractive wife and two brilliant children tolerate him to the best of their abilities in beautiful, downtown North Jay, Maine.

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